Why Use Technology to Teach Writing?
"Teenagers' lives are filled with writing. All teens write for school, and 93% of teens say they write for their own pleasure. Most notably, the vast majority of teens have eagerly embraced written communication with their peers as they share messages on their social network pages, in e-mails and instant messages online, and through fast-paced thumb choreography on their cell phones. Parents believe that their children write more as teens than they did at that age. This raises a major question: What, if anything, connects the formal writing teens do and the informal e-communication they exchange on digital screens?"-Lenhart, Arafeh, Smith, and Macgill, 2008, i

Wisconsin Educator Standards

4. Teachers know how to teach.
The teacher understands and uses a variety of instructional strategies, including the use of technology, to encourage children's development of critical thinking, problem solving, and performance skills.

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A thought-provoking video that discusses 21st Century Learners:

Read Marc Prensky's compelling article Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants. While he discusses many topics that may make us feel defensive or even argumentative, he provides some incredibly thought-provoking ideas.

One teacher's example of using digital writing in the classroom:

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